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If you do not immediately fulfil the entry requirements for a three-year undergraduate degree program you can apply to enroll onto the EDULINK International Foundation Program. This program permits successful students to enroll directly onto a full degree program without A/Levels or pending results in O/Levels.

The syllabus has been tailored to provide you with the skills and experience needed for success, with an emphasis on English and Mathematics along with specialized subject areas depending on your career ambitions. Specialized subjects currently include preparation for IT and Business, but the number of subject areas are being increased year upon year to cater to student needs.

After successfully completing the EDULINK International Foundation Program in IT, you will be eligible to enroll into the BSc (Hons) Computing level 4, and completing it in Business, you will be eligible to enroll into BA (JH) Business & Business Entrepreneurship level 4 from the University of Northampton.

The aims of the program

– To prepare you for an undergraduate degree course
– To improve your English to a level equivalent to IELTS 5.5.
– To provide you with the study skills for successful learning.
– To provide you with the Mathematics skills for studying IT or business.
– To provide you with the critical inquiry and independent learning skills.

  • Title: Edulink International Foundation Program
  • Credits: IT 150 / Business 165
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Scheduled Intakes: September, January
  • Mode of Assessment: Assignments + Examinations
  • Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Awarding Body: Edulink International Campus, Colombo

Semester 1 - Common Courses

Code Title Credits
FENG01 Language & Study Skills 30
FMATHS01 Foundation Mathematics 15
FIT 01 Fundamentals of IT 1 15
FCOMS01 Communication Skills 15

Semester 2 - IT Courses

Code Title Credits
FIT 02 Fundamentals of I.T. 2 15
FIT 03 Fundamentals of Programming 15
FIT 04 Introduction to UNIX 15
FIT 05 Networking Basics 15
FIT 06 Case study 15

Semester 3 - Business Courses

Code Title Credits
FMATHS02 Business Numeracy 15
FIB01 Introduction to Business Principles 30
FIB03 Business Insight 15
FAF01 Introduction to Business Accounting 15
FIB04 Business Case Study 15

16+ years old