Sport is an exciting, dynamic and vibrant part of campus life. With participants ranging from complete beginners to national athletes, who also compete in inter- college tournaments, EDULINK has something for everyone.


We are motivated by more than winning. It’s about playing for a purpose greater than ourselves. It’s a difference seen on the field and heard across campus. It’s why we’ve been able to fill stadiums and trophy shelves. It’s what happens when you’re more than an individual, more than a team. We are one campus, and when we’re united, we’re unstoppable.


We are committed to building athletes that are dominant on and off the field. At EDULINK, earning a degree is just as important as winning a title. Our athletes have emerged victorious in Basketball, Football and Cricket. We have been proud participants at the Redbull Campus Cricket Tournament, the largest inter-university cricket tournament and the Jordan Cup Basketball Tournament.


Research suggests that 90% of students are interested in being future entrepreneurs, however, 75% do not know how and where to start from.

Your time at EDULINK will involve more than just academic studies. We offer an unparalleled range of opportunities that not only complement your degree but will help you develop your skills and gain important life experiences.

EDULINK Experience Labs is a collaborative effort to reach out to these curious potential entrepreneurs. We prepare students for real world success, building entrepreneurial skills and a creative mindset which encourages students to start real companies. At EDULINK we find that students have amazing potential and can build amazing things if provided the right guidance. EDULINK Experience Labs is all about developing the entrepreneurial mindset by instilling in students the self-starter approach, practical business skills and the ability to smash down barriers to make a dream a reality.

If you want to stand out to potential competitors, start a business or social enterprise, EDULINK Experience Labs will help you achieve the difference you seek.


Whilst attending lectures introduce key ideas and concepts and are the primary teaching method of our programs, students at EDULINK are also exposed to seminars and workshops on various aspects which will inspire them to develop their knowledge and skills, valued by employers. Our sessions, led by industry experts or our own faculty are designed to give you something extra; an opportunity to become enthusiastic about knowledge and learning in addition to developing soft skills and boosting personal and professional development. Be it sessions on how to present with impact and influence or how to study effectively, or even workshops on personality development, we are bound to have a something to suit or interest you.


At EDULINK, we encourage you to stand out. We want to inspire you to be the next generation of skilled and highly valued graduates, who will be the catalysts for change in years to come.


EDULINK is very proactive in terms of providing new experiences and exposure to our students. Academic field trips enhance the learning experience for students. It is fantastic to have knowledge on topics, but application of that knowledge to a real-world scenario makes learning more effective. The field trips ensure that students are able to apply theories to practical situations and actually see it happen.


From trips to the likes of The Colombo Ports Authority and The Colombo Stock Exchange we also give students exposure in the form of Experience Labs, where they are a part of exciting opportunities abroad such as InnovFest unbound (Singapore), a conference that attracts over 3,000 people from around the world. The objective here was to expose students to innovation as they were exposed to a week-long series of events that showcased Asia’s most innovative developments in the media-tech sphere.


International Study Tour to Dubai – MBA

The week-long study tour offers our students an opportunity to gain international exposure, guided by lecturers and industry experts. The industry tours, seminars, workshops and international networks is a great value addition to the MBA, providing an enriching global learning experience.


EDULINK International Campus strives to foster a cultured sense of awareness amongst our students. Through promoting intercultural sensitivity, we engage students in opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. This environment enlightens and broadens our students’ understanding of diversity and multicultural understanding.


One exciting part of coming to university is meeting new people and experiencing different ideas. Promoting inter-cultural understanding is one of the basic tenets that guides EDULINK when planning events and activities. Due to the large numbers of international students at our university we host events that allow the students to meet, embrace and learn from each other.